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Babes Illustrated 9 


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Verfügbar Media:   DVD  
Art.Nr.:   DVD32155
Shopdatum(Disc):   14.11.2005
Studio:  Metro
Laufzeit:   86 Minuten
Erscheinungsdatum: 1/2001
Sprachen:  Englisch

€ 17,95 

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Genre:   US Lesben   

Darsteller(in):   Houston    Tabitha Stevens    Alexis Amore    Allysin Embers    Ava Vincent    Bobbie    Kianna    Misty    Shelby Myne   
Merkmale und Beschreibung:

Babes Illustrated 9:

No Regional Coding - Worldwide playable

Ron Jeremy brings his typically wacky sense of humor to his non-sex role as a nefarious apartment owner in this searing collection of lesbian romps. Ron´s character rents his complex out to a bodacious bevy of beauties, none of whom suspect that he´s also installed tiny hidden cameras throughout their homes. He sits back in his control booth and peeps on his unsuspecting renters - and does he ever get an eyeful!

Ron´s entire apartment complex seems to be populated by sexually voracious lesbians who spend the bulk of their time engaged in high spirited Sapphic hi jinx. Basically, the whole video consists of one steamy lesbian coupling after another, interspersed with Ron´s zany comments on the action. The cast of this one is a nice mix of dyed-in-the-wool porno starlets and youthful up-and-comers.

Houston shines in her role as Ron´s ravishing rival, luring his tenants away by offering them something that he certainly could never give them -- huge helpings of out-there girl/girl heat. Jewel Valmont (Ava Vincent) turns in some nicely cheeky work, raising the arousal level instantly whenever she shows up on screen. And newcomer Naeja Exel is one to watch, a shapely siren who throws herself into the fun without a hint of inhibition or trepidation. This one´s a great pick for those who appreciate sweaty lesbian action and don´t mind some childish goofing in between clips. Beautifully photographed in attractive outdoor settings!

Darsteller(in) (mit Photo)

Houston  Tabitha Stevens  Alexis Amore  Allysin Embers  Ava Vincent  Bobbie  
Kianna  Misty  Shelby Myne  

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Dieser porno DVD Titel "Babes Illustrated 9" mit den Erotikinhalten "US Lesben" und den Darstellern "Houston, Tabitha Stevens, Alexis Amore, Allysin Embers, Ava Vincent, Bobbie, Kianna, Misty, Shelby Myne" ist Online vom Studio "Metro". Sie werden änliche Titel auf unserer Website finden, die sowohl als erotische DVD, als auch als VOD und Download verfügbar sind. Wenn Sie Fragen und besondere Wünsche haben, zögern Sie nicht, sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen. Wir werden Ihnen gerne helfen.

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