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Hairy Honies 18 


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Verfügbar Media:   
Art.Nr.:   DVD43745
Shopdatum(Disc):   28.9.2007
Studio:  Channel 69
Laufzeit:   90 Minuten
Erscheinungsdatum: 2003
Sprachen:  Englisch

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line Lieferung: Der Artikel ist nicht im Lager und vorübergehend nicht verfügbar.
Genre:   US 3er/4er    US Hardcore    US Blasen    Sperma    Behaart    Interracial   

Darsteller(in):   Lena Ramon    Elizabeth    Kimy West    Kathy Moore   
Merkmale und Beschreibung:

Hairy Honies 18:

No Regional Coding - Worldwide playable

Even though I prefer to see a shaven young lady, the ladies in this film are freaky enough to make us skin lovers want to go swinging through the jungle for awhile. The video quality is good, and there are four scenes, each one focusing on the bushy furburgers that our ladies possess. These chicks don´t have a problem with their shaving tools, and they sure as heck don´t have a problem with with sucking and fucking a cock or two. They aren´t the greatest looking porn chicks, but they know how to make up for it.
In one scene involving an older looking chickadee named Kathy Moore, who happens to be a brunette with some nice shapely tits, she shows us all her assets, and we soon get a chance to see her hairy muff. Just when we think it is safe for us to look away, she shows us even more and surprisingly has a nice ass. One then two then three and ultimately four cocks enter the room and into her scene, and she doesn´t seem stunned at all by this. She takes on all of them like a soldier. She sucks one cock while another is fucking her pussy hard, and after all guys take turns switching from hole to hole, it is obvious that she is definitely not an anal girl. Once, one of the fellows gives her ass a try, and she frowns and stops him, only to get her face jizzed by two of the guys consecutively. The cameraman tells her to open her eyes as the scene ends.

This film has some hairy chicks, but they are all freaky and keep our attention with their veteran actions.

Darsteller(in) (mit Photo)

Lena Ramon  Elizabeth  

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Dieser porno DVD Titel "Hairy Honies 18" mit den Erotikinhalten "US 3er/4er, US Hardcore, US Blasen, Sperma, Behaart, Interracial" und den Darstellern "Lena Ramon, Elizabeth, Kimy West, Kathy Moore" ist Online vom Studio "Channel 69". Sie werden änliche Titel auf unserer Website finden, die sowohl als erotische DVD, als auch als VOD und Download verfügbar sind. Wenn Sie Fragen und besondere Wünsche haben, zögern Sie nicht, sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen. Wir werden Ihnen gerne helfen.

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