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Daddy Darby´s Twinks In Pain 


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Verfügbar Media:   
Art.Nr.:   DVD50027
Shopdatum(Disc):   28.7.2008
Studio:  Daddy Darby
Erscheinungsdatum: 7/2008
Sprachen:  Englisch

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Genre:   Euro Gay    Daddies   

Darsteller(in):   James Allen    Sykes Blackburn    Daddy Darby   
Merkmale und Beschreibung:

Daddy Darby´s Twinks In Pain:

No Regional Coding - Worldwide playable

The formidable Daddy Darby is back with a vengeance in Twinks In Pain as he unleashes a torrent of abuse in six mini vignettes that leave two cute boys wishing they´d never been born! James Allen is the first youngster to feel the wrath of Daddy. In the first of his three scenes you´ll see that James is tethered to the bed and dressed in bondage gear. Daddy then gets his whip out and repeatedly administers stroke after stroke on James´ feet, a sure-fire way to please any foot fetishists. Next, James has to endure more lashings from Daddy´s trusted whip as his balls are tied and get repeatedly whipped. All James can do is lie there, completely helpless, and receive whatever Daddy has to throw at him. Then James has hot candle wax poured onto his skinny torso and a butt plug inserted into his tight arsehole. Released from his restraints James works on Daddy´s tits, wanks his meaty cock to a creamy climax and finishes with a dollop of Daddy´s own jizz on his chest. Sykes Blackburn must have done something seriously wrong to receive the beating he gets from Daddy Darby. Sykes is whipped on his back and butt cheeks and the whip even lands between Sykes´ legs to catch his balls. Daddy decides it´s time for some nipple play and lets his slave boy tweak and chew on his nips. Sykes then lies on the bed and lets Daddy milk his cock to an explosive orgasm. Daddy Darby´s Twinks In Pain delivers on all levels and is sure to please lovers of young lads, bondage gear and S&M fans everywhere.

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Dieser porno DVD Titel "Daddy Darby´s Twinks In Pain" mit den Erotikinhalten "Euro Gay, Daddies" und den Darstellern "James Allen, Sykes Blackburn, Daddy Darby" ist Online vom Studio "Daddy Darby". Sie werden änliche Titel auf unserer Website finden, die sowohl als erotische DVD, als auch als VOD und Download verfügbar sind. Wenn Sie Fragen und besondere Wünsche haben, zögern Sie nicht, sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen. Wir werden Ihnen gerne helfen.

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