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Flesh & Laces 1 


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Verfügbar Media:   
Art.Nr.:   DVD67628
Shopdatum(Disc):   3.11.2010
Studio:  Caballero
Laufzeit:   93 Minuten
Erscheinungsdatum: 6/23/2003
Sprachen:  Englisch

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Genre:   US 3er/4er    US Klassiker    US Hardcore    US Blasen    US Titten/Busen    Schwarze    Sperma    Gruppensex    Behaart    Muschi Spiele   

Darsteller(in):   Tamara Longley    Joey Silvera    Jamie Gillis    John Stagliano    John Holmes    Don Fernando    Shauna Grant    William Margold    Rosa Lee Kimball    Dan T. Mann    Crystal Lake    Rosa McKimble   
Merkmale und Beschreibung:

Flesh & Laces 1:

No Regional Coding - Worldwide playable

This wild and wacky sex comedy from 1983 stars Jamie Gillis as an incredibly wealthy old man who´s dying from some sort of terminal illness. Not one to go quietly into that good night, Jamie uses his money to buy himself some last-minute thrills. He wires up his home with video cameras, then tells his heirs that none of them will get any money when he dies. Unless, that is, they provide him with a first-rate sex scene that he can observe from the comfort of his hospital bed. Okay, so none of this seems very likely. It does provide a decent framework for the frolicking to follow, and that´s all that really matters, anyway. Highlights include an early scene with Shauna Grant as a naive young model who´s forced into action by Dan Fisher in a high-octane outing. John Stagliano shows off his rough side when he interviews thick-set brunette Cathy Cofer for a secretarial position. John throws her on the bed and tears her clothes off as a prelude to their amorous encounter, but any notions of rape are dismissed by her sheer pleasure throughout. Luscious Linda Rose Kimball shines in a feverish fourway with a trio of studs, while Joey Silvera brings in a pair of hard-charging hookers who he (after some side business) watches delve into a lesbian liaison. In the end, Joey hooks up with Tamara Longley in a frantic finale, but the ending only leaves the plot unresolved. Looks like you´ll just have to wait for the second edition to see who gets the cash! A fast-paced, fun-filled romp with some surprisingly rough edges.

Darsteller(in) (mit Photo)

Joey Silvera  Jamie Gillis  John Stagliano  John Holmes  Don Fernando  Shauna Grant  
William Margold  Dan T. Mann  Crystal Lake  

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Dieser porno DVD Titel "Flesh & Laces 1" mit den Erotikinhalten "US 3er/4er, US Klassiker, US Hardcore, US Blasen, US Titten/Busen, Schwarze, Sperma, Gruppensex, Behaart, Muschi Spiele" und den Darstellern "Tamara Longley, Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis, John Stagliano, John Holmes, Don Fernando, Shauna Grant, William Margold, Rosa Lee Kimball, Dan T. Mann, Crystal Lake, Rosa McKimble" ist Online vom Studio "Caballero". Sie werden änliche Titel auf unserer Website finden, die sowohl als erotische DVD, als auch als VOD und Download verfügbar sind. Wenn Sie Fragen und besondere Wünsche haben, zögern Sie nicht, sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen. Wir werden Ihnen gerne helfen.

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