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available Media:   
Art.No.:   DVD27416
Added on(Disc):   10/18/2004
Studio:  Sunshine
Movie Quality:  
Release Date: 4/7/2003
Language:  English

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Genre:   Bondage    Domination/SM    American Fetish   

Starring:   Alexis Payne    Fawna    Kristen    Jessica   
Features and the Description:


No Regional Coding - Worldwide playable

The lady gets more the she bargained for. A dominatrix and a business woman, Alexis Payne is in the business of placing sexy submissives in the homes of desirous dominants. The story begins with a short look into the production of a video designed to sell the submissive to prospective clients. Luscious, blonde Kristen performs under the direction of Mistress Alexis and dutifully displays her charms, all of them, for the camera. Later we see Alexis showing the video to her client Fawna. Fawna is pleased with the performance of Kristen, but asks for a live viewing, still not sure she´s ready to take Kristen home. A super sexy live demonstration in discipline in Alexis´ office. Sweet and vulnerable Kristen is put through her paces, but still Fawna says she must think it over. Kristen is put in her cage to await a decision. Waiting in her cage, Kristen is visited by her jailer, Alexis´ assistant Jessica. Jessica lets herself into Kristen´s cage and the two naughty girls get carried away, making it on the prison floor. Alexis catches them and punishes her wayward assistant. Meanwhile Fawna is still in Alexis´ office, snooping and stealing. Alexis catches her too. Soon the client is the slave and Alexis wastes no time giving her a taste of the stern training she reserves for slaves. In the end it´s hard to remember just who was the tough customer.

Starring (with photo)

Alexis Payne  Fawna  Jessica  

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This sex dvd title "TOUGH CUSTOMER" including genre "Bondage, Domination/SM, American Fetish" and starring "Alexis Payne, Fawna, Kristen, Jessica" is online from the studio "Sunshine". You will find many other similar sex movie titles at our website which are not only available as adult DVD, but also as VOD and Download. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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