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Girls From S.E.X., The 

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Art.No.:   DVD67398
Added on(Disc):   10/28/2010
Studio:  Caballero
Length:   87 Minutes
Movie Quality:  
Release Date: 3/1/2005
Language:  English

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Genre:   American Classic    American Hardcore    American Lesbian    American Oral Sex    Cumshots/Sperm    Hairy    Interracial   

Starring:   Mike Horner    John Stagliano    Blake Palmer    Billy Dee    Michael Morrison    Bridgette Monet    Lisa De Leeuw    Annette Haven    Tara Aire    William Margold    Kevin James    Dave Cannon    Brooke West    Nicole Noir    Holly Page    Ernie Blowfeld    Jane Luckner    Lee O´Donnell    John Ogden   
Features and the Description:

Girls From S.E.X., The:

No Regional Coding - Worldwide playable

The Girls from S.E.X. an adventure of murder, suspense, and intrigue as 38DD risks danger, escapes assaination and uses her most powerful weapons to get her man: namely her beautifully gifted body and equally talented tongue. Undercover in ... Full Descriptiona domination and girl action and gets exposed in the best of ways. Will our hero escape from the sinisterly devised atomic powered dildo aimed to spear her to unconsciousness? Will Mr. Big finally get it in the end? Watch as our lustful 38DD chases danger with A.S.S close behind.

Get ready for the wildest sexpionage caper ever! You can bet your Aston-Martin that crack secret agent James Bomb will sniff out many a "foreign affair" as payment-in-full FOR SERVICES RENDERED. It all starts when evilly delicious Nocturna Vigil and her hot hit girl Tasti Delite steal some sexually incriminating microfilm from the Soviet Embassy. Called to the London office, James must retrieve the microfilm in "Operation Thunderpussy". Traveling across Europe, Mr. Bomb and his horny assistant Carstairs stay hot on the tail...ah, trail until Carstair corners Nocturna and pumps her for more than information. The action gets wilder and wilder until James recovers the microfilm and delivers the goods in London where he learns more than he bargained for about Tasti.

Starring (with photo)

Mike Horner  John Stagliano  Blake Palmer  Billy Dee  Bridgette Monet  Lisa De Leeuw  
Annette Haven  William Margold  Dave Cannon  Brooke West  Holly Page  

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This sex dvd title "Girls From S.E.X., The" including genre "American Classic, American Hardcore, American Lesbian, American Oral Sex, Cumshots/Sperm, Hairy, Interracial" and starring "Mike Horner, John Stagliano, Blake Palmer, Billy Dee, Michael Morrison, Bridgette Monet, Lisa De Leeuw, Annette Haven, Tara Aire, William Margold, Kevin James, Dave Cannon, Brooke West, Nicole Noir, Holly Page, Ernie Blowfeld, Jane Luckner, Lee O´Donnell, John Ogden" is online from the studio "Caballero". You will find many other similar sex movie titles at our website which are not only available as adult DVD, but also as VOD and Download. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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