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Miss Softie Instant Pussy

Miss Softie

A Swedish product.

Consider for a moment what it is that makes a real pussy feel so good. It is warm, wet, and pulsating around your member. Miss Softie has exactly these properties. You fill Miss Softie with warm water, and the thin secret plastic membrane lets you feel the warmth. A real pussy gets lubricated with vaginal secretions - in Miss Softies case you use artificial lubrication in order to get that feeling of mucuous membrane. A real pussy pulsates around your member as it contracts orgasmically. When you use Miss Softie the pumplike action will create variations in water pressure which you can feel through the thin secret plastic membrane. You can also squeeze Miss Softie rythmically during use for the same effect.

How to use Miss Softie:

Miss Softie is very simple to use.
1) Fill both chambers with warm water. Fill the first chamber up till the first black marking on the side, and the second to the second marking.
2) Get rid of all air, twist the bag several times and tie a knot. Tie the knot so that Miss Softie is tight rather than loose.
3) Apply plenty of lube in the cavity, and at the slit.
4) Penetrate Miss Softie and enjoy!
5) After usage, cut the chambers open with a sharp object and empty them of water. Dispose as you would dispose a condom.

Tips and tricks from pleased users:

1) The temperature of the water is important. Make it warm, but not to warm. 37 - 40 C. Always check temperature with finger before you insert your member!
2) Roll Miss Softie into a towel to keep the heat and give her stability. A vibrator inside the towel also works.
3) Be generous with lube. You may use vegetable oils or commercially available water soluble lubes. You may add some extra water to water soluble lubes to make them more fluid.
4) Gently and rhythmically squeeze Miss Softie, and enjoy the feelings.
5) Some users enjoy squeezing Miss Softie until she starts to stretch and adapt her inside perfectly to your member before you start using her.
6) After a while, if Miss Softie has become slightly loose you may twist the bag so she becomes firm again, and if you so desire you may add a new knot.
7) Some users prefer a soft Miss Softie, rather than a tight one. We recommend that you use a tight Miss Softie the first couple of times however.
IMPORTANT: Miss Softie is a single use product. Use her once and throw away. This is for hygienic reasons. Users of other fake pussies tell horror stories about molds and stench. Such things are of course no concern with a new Miss Softie. So enjoy Miss Softie instant pussy the way she is meant to be enjoyed: Fresh and unfucked!

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