order information


Order Information

Lowest Price Guarantee:
If you find an identical article, which we sell, elsewhere in Europe at a lower price, we can offer you the same lower price or credit the price difference to your account.

Note: Prices that are offered by other companies because of sell-out/sell-off or liquidations are excluded from this guarantee.

Discreet Packaging:
All orders are shipped discreetly in plain cardboard boxes or bubble envelopes to ensure your privacy. The content won't be indicated by the exterior of the packaging.

Because of the high shipping costs, most DVDs will be shipped with covers, but without cases. If you do want to obtain the DVD cases, please leave a note in your order form to let us know and select the shipping method "DHL/EMS". We will then ship your DVDs inside their original cases.
Click here for instructions on how to complete your DVD collection!

Orders from non-EU countries:
We welcome international orders and look carefully into different custom duties. Custom forms and other processes are usually taken care of within 24 hours. We will seek to avoid issues by discreet packaging, tough there is no guarantee that problems will never occur.
Most of our DVDs are sent as letters in bubble envelopes and should therefore arrive faster. All orders are calculated in Euros.


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