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Used DVD

1. Selling used porn DVDs to

Step 1:
Please make sure that the second-hand porn DVDs you want to sell can be found on our site. We won't purchase any other products.

Step 2:
If you do not have an account on our site, please create one. It's easy and completeley FREE.

Step 3:
Carefully pack your DVDs with their covers, if available, and your account information and send your package to the following address:

Berggasse 20
5280 Braunau

Note: You may save shipping costs by sending your DVDs without their cases.

Step 4:
Within 3 work days after receiving your package, we will process the sale and send you an confirmation e-mail with the details of your payment.

Payment: You will receive 12% of the price of the same DVDs in new condition we offer on our site. The money will be transferred to your account credit and can be used for future purchases on our site.

Important Information

1. We ONLY buy Region All DVDs.
2. We do NOT buy DIVX discs.
3. All DVDs MUST be the original DVDs (no duplications or copies).
4. All DVDs MUST be in working condition.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We would readily help you.

2. Buying used porn DVDs from

If the used DVD of a movie is available, this buying option will be listed next to the title. You can also use the Advanced Search to systematically search for used DVDs.


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